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Monday's in-person event at the Edinburgh Gardens Community Room with Fiona Patten and John Fitzgerald was an excellent opporunity for the community to catch up in person once again and hear about Fiona's bill to decriminalise drugs (read the Bill).


You can now watch the event at our YouTube channel. There is a small gap during the Q+A followed by audio-only for the remainder of the session. There was also a comment/question from an audience member who did not want their voice broadcast.


There is also a long-form interview between YDHF Chair Peter Wearne, executive member Nick Wallis and Fiona Patten MLC.

The Decriminalisation of Drugs legislation - Let's talk about this | LIVE EVENT
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum host Fiona Patten and John Fitzgerald in a discussion on a proposal to decriminalise drugs in Victoria. This is a live event from the Edinburgh Gardens community room in Fitzroy North.
March 2022 | Service Providers Forum
Our first forum for 2022 will be a broad-ranging discussion with service-providers from across the Harm Reduction and Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) sector. There is no special guest speaker, as our special guests at this forum will be our […]
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Drug decriminalisation in Victoria - Fiona Patten speaks with the YDHF

YDHF Chairperson Peter Wearne and executive member Nick Wallis speak with Fiona Patten MLC about her Bill to decriminalise drug use and possession in Victoria and allow for treatment and education orders instead of charges.


View the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Amendment (Decriminalisation of Possession and Use of Drugs of Dependence) Bill 2022

Contact your local MP about the Bill today through decrim.com.au

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