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Today is International Harm Reduction Day. If you're on social media, follow the conversation with the hashtags #IHRD2021 #InternationalHarmReduction Day

And there's more from us in the post Stigma and discrimination experienced by people who use drugs

June Forum
June Forum
Substance use problems are often linked with pre-existing mental health issues. People choose to use substances for a wide variety of reasons, including to self-medicate against underlying, sometimes unknown problems. We invite you to our next forum to discuss this important and often side-lined issue. Monday 7th June at 12:30pm (online)

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YDHF Strategic Priorities

As well as being responsive to issues as they arise, YDHF is committed to being proactive in working with the local community to 

Reduce the experience of stigma and discrimination for people who use drugs, engendering compassion not judgement for people who use drugs or alcohol. 


Include community members and people with lived experience of injecting drug use in the design and implementation of community action to address the impact of drug activity in the City of Yarra.

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Stigma and discrimination experienced by people who use drugs
May 7, 2021
Why does it matter? People who use drugs are often prevented from recognizing that they have an issue with their substance use due to the effects of stigma and discrimination. This causes people to avoid accessing harm reduction support or […]

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The media has long been filled with stories of addiction and drug use, but these stories often rely on stereotypes and offer few clues about the range of people affected by addiction issues, the variety of experiences people have and the many ways they cope and even thrive. 

Lives of Substance aims to fill in the many gaps in public discussions of addiction, to counter stigmatising misconceptions, and to promote understanding and more effective community responses.

Rethink Addiction
Rethink Addiction
Addiction is a common yet misunderstood health condition with damaging stigma that perpetuates the isolation and shame felt by individuals and families. But change is possible. That’s why we have started Rethink Addiction, to educate and call for an improved national response to treatment.
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May 7, 2021
International Harm Reduction Day 2021
Today is International Harm Reduction Day, where we promote evidence based public health policy, practices and human rights to end overdose and signficantly reduce drug harm. Mick Clear spoke at our International…
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