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A community response to alcohol and other drug issues in the City of Yarra
Diversity, Conflict And  The Power Of Story In A North Richmond Neighbourhood

Diversity, conflict and the power of story in a North Richmond neighbourhood


June 1


12:30 pm - 02:00 pm

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This seminar will focus  on  the  (often  fraught) relationships between those using  illicit drugs in  public  and  the   wider  community. Andrea  Cook  and Imogen Carr  are  urban planners interested in the  concepts of ‘encounter’ and   ‘identity’   as  part  of  the   social   life  of  neighbourhoods.  How  does encounter  work   when   some  identities  are   heavily   stigmatised and/or criminalised?  What   methods can  we  use   to  build  up  community across difference and  across conflict  and  contestation?

Using  three research projects and  two  teaching studios the  Victoria  Street neighbourhood, Andrea and  Imogen will explore the  ways in which narrative/stories shape neighbourhoods and   help   people  understand  (or misunderstand) others.

As part of this  seminar, we’d  love  to  hear  and  weave in your  story  of the  Victoria  Street neighbourhood, if you’d like to  share. Just  send a short written or audio  story  to  the presenters  (anonymous is fine.  Maximum  1/2  page written or 30 second audio).  Email to | text to 0409 803 063 before 5pm  on Wednesday 27 May.

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