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Consumer Participation and Lived Experience Project – Consumer Focus Groups

Via VAADA E-News

In each area of Melbourne, as well as Victoria more broadly, alcohol and other drug (AOD) services work together to identify service gaps, barriers and strategies to improve the AOD treatment system.

A group of agencies across North and West metropolitan Melbourne have come together to run the Consumer Participation and Lived Experience Project.

Our aim is to work collaboratively alongside people with a lived experience of AOD treatment.  We are keen to hear from service users as well as family members about their:

  • Experiences reaching out for help 
  • Experiences receiving assistance and navigating the system – moving from one AOD service to another 
  • Views on what could be done to make the system in North and West metropolitan Melbourne more accessible and consumer friendly

To this end, we are running a series of focus groups throughout October and November 2021.  

Each focus group will run for 2 hours and be delivered on-line (via Zoom), co-facilitated by specially trained peer researchers – people with lived experiences of the AOD treatment system.

In return for your time and assistance you will be provided with a Woolworths card to the value of $60.00.

You can choose whether or not to participate in the group and you can stop at any time.  To protect your privacy all information will remain confidential and be presented in de-identified form.

So if you or someone you know is interested in getting involved, please contact:

John Quiroga, Health Services Planner AOD (Catchment Based Planner)                                                                         North and West Metro AOD Service                                                                                                                 

We’d really like to hear from you! 

The Consumer Participation and Lived Experience Project is a partnership between VAADA, North & West Metro AOD Service, Family Drug Support, APSU, APOD Family Support, and YSAS

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