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A community response to alcohol and other drug issues in the City of Yarra

Yarra Drug & Health Forum | About

Who we are

The Yarra Drug & Health Forum(YDHF) is a dynamic, adaptive and educative local network committed to identifying and responding to the health and social needs of the community in in the City of Yarra (Yarra).

For over 20 years YDHF has given a strong voice to the Yarra Community and acted on their alcohol and drug concerns.

Why we matter

  • YDHF is the only forum of its kind in Australia
  • We have been fearless advocates within our community for over 20 years, resulting in outcomes that are seldom seen elsewhere
  • We provide an essential platform to bring together residents, service providers, policy makers and funders to ensure that decisions & investments are addressing critical locally identified needs & resulting in meaningful outcomes that are beneficial the entire community.

How we work

YDHF partners with people that live/work in the City of Yarra, along with the broader community, to reduce the harmful impacts of drug and alcohol misuse by promoting evidence-based, humane & compassionate policy and program approaches’.

We do this by holding regular meetings where all interested individuals or services may attend & share their concerns or help codesign solutions.


YDHF is a non- incorporated association, supported with funding from Department of Health and Human Services and City of Yarra, and auspiced by cohealth as the key community health service in Yarra.

The YDHF Executive Group provides leadership for the work of the YDHF with members drawn for key health, legal, and community services in Yarra supporting the YDHF harm minimisation objectives.

Individuals with affinity with the vision and strategy for the YDHF and the resources, skills and experience needed to support the work of the YDHF are able to be nominated for membership of the Executive Group.

What we do

  • Forums supporting information and education about health and harm minimisation approaches to alcohol and drug problems, and opportunity for the exchange of ideas
  • Support for community problem solving of alcohol and drug issues in Yarra

Our goals

YDHF aims to ensure health and community relationships are minimally harmed by drug use in the City of Yarra – this includes the impact of drugs on individuals, families and friends, residents, visitors to the area & local businesses.

Current issues:

  • Public drinking
  • Public drunkenness
  • MSIR trial in North Richmond
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