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MSIR preventing overdoses and saving lives

Congratulations to the independent Review Panel led by Professor Margaret Hamilton on the report on the first 18 months of operation of the first Medically Supervised Injecting Room (MSIR) established in Melbourne in North Richmond by the North Richmond Community Health Centre(NRCHC) YDHF was instrumental in advocacy over many years to see the MSIR established to save lives and reduce harms.

Congratulations to NRCHC staff and management on their success in establishing this significant service that has been well utilized, has prevented many overdoses, and is estimated to have saved between 21 and 27 lives. YDHF welcomes the news that the current MSIR trial will continue for a further three years and that a second MSIR is to be established in the City of Melbourne by cohealth.

YDHF commends the Victorian State Government on its commitment to authorizing and supporting evidence based, but often unpopular, harm reduction strategies that recognize the realities of drug use and abuse. YDHF notes the Review has recognized that the MSIR trial has not met expectations of improved public amenity in North Richmond. YDHF welcomes the investments in community amenity that have been announced and will work with local stakeholders to reduce the harms of drug use in the community for residents and traders.

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