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The Future of Cannabis in Victoria

The Inquiry into Use of Cannabis in Victoria’s report was tabled on Thursday the 5th of August.


Beginning all the way back in May of 2019, the Legislative Council agreed to inquire, consider and report on the use of cannabis in Victoria, framed by these Terms of Reference:

⚫ Prevent young people and children from accessing and using cannabis in Victoria;
⚫ Protect public health and public safety in relation to the use of cannabis in Victoria;
⚫ Implement health education campaigns and programs to ensure children and young people are aware of the dangers of drug use, in particular, cannabis use;
⚫ Prevent criminal activity relating to the illegal cannabis trade in Victoria;
⚫ Assess the health, mental health, and social impacts of cannabis use on people who use cannabis, their families and carers;

YDHF hosts Member of the Legislative Council and Chair of the Legal and Social Issues Committee, Fiona Patten, talking about the findings and what’s next for the use of cannabis in Victoria. 

View the Victorian Parliament video snippets from the public hearings

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