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A community response to alcohol and other drug issues in the City of Yarra

Greg Denham

Greg Denham served as YDHF Executive Officer from 2010-2019

Greg Denham
Greg has been actively involved in drug policy for over 25 years. A former police officer, Greg has local, national and international experience in harm reduction and has been a strong advocate for evidence informed policy and practice.

From 2010-2019 Greg was the Executive Officer for the Yarra Drug and Health Forum in Melbourne where he helped with the introduction of Naloxone and needle and syringe dispensing machines as well as being instrumental in establishing Victoria’s first supervised injecting facility in North Richmond.

Greg has also worked with law enforcement in developing countries advocating for the introduction of policies and practices that support needle exchange, methadone and condom programs to prevent the spread of HIV and other blood borne viruses.

Greg is also the Australian representative for the US based agency Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). LEAP is an international group of police officers and other members of the criminal justice system who speak out against the War on Drugs and want to end drug prohibition.

Greg is a member of Harm Reduction Australia

SIF Announcement

Open Letter of Thanks Dear all, On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Yarra Drug and Health Forum (YDHF)we would like to sincerely thank the numerous people that have lent their support to the campaign to establish a Supervised…

Memorial in recognition of drug overdose victims could be erected at Richmond

From 3AW There’s controversial calls for a memorial in recognition of drug overdose victims at Richmond. The City of Yarra mayor says if victims of car crashes who have broken the law get memorials, so too should victims of drug…

Greg Denham speaks with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell

North Richmond Public Injecting Impact Study

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