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Submissions for #IOAD2021

What does International Overdose Awareness Day mean to you?

This is a call out to you to participate in the Yarra Drug and Health Forum event in 2021 to
commemorate International Drug Overdose Awareness Day (IOAD) by recording yourself answering
that question and submitting the recording to YDHF for screening these video vignettes at the YDHF
online event planned for Tuesday 31 August 7:30pm

We are seeking these home-produced video vignettes from peer workers in harm reduction and
AOD services, as well as from others- family members, friends, politicians, to screen on the night.

Please submit your video, with your first name and your role either here or via message on our Instagram or Facebook

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  • Record in a well-lit room. Film in a well-lit area or room. If there is a window, ensure the camera is facing away from it, otherwise you could become silhouetted. Well- lit does not mean having a bright light directly on you – this will over expose the video.
  • Film for sound. Many rooms or spaces make the audio sound loud or echoey.
  • Keep your background simple. Remember that people will be looking at everything that’s in shot, which includes everything behind you. A clear wall is easy and neutral, while some people like to use a bookcase or framed picture in the background
  • Keep it steady. If you have a tripod, use a tripod.
  • Shoot horizontal. Your face should be in the middle, upper half of the frame and you should have direct line of sight with the camera. Make sure that you are prominent in the frame and not lurking in the lower half. Remember too that we will be putting information (such as names and titles) in the ‘lower thirds’ and we don’t want to cut you off with it.
  • Keep key players in the video space when recording.
  • Don’t be afraid to re-shoot. – If you need some assistance with editing / if you don’t have access to editing software – Don’t worry.
  • The stream will be broadcast in High Definition 1920x1080pixels. (Aspect ratio = 16×9)
  • This has become a fairly standard aspect ratio for television, computers and phones. Most modern smart phones record in both 16×9 (horizontal) and 9×16 (vertical) and most new phones are also capable of recording in high definition. If you are using a phone to record, remember to film in 16×9 (horizontal). Check the settings and ideally set the quality to high definition or as high as you can set it. Also consider using an earpiece or separate device for recording audio, as recording audio straight into a phone will not sound as good.

For files up to 2gb you can use

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